BBQ Food catering in the Dallas, TX, Area

Big Box Catering is a simple, worry-free catering service that brings you delicious fresh food
from established local eateries such as
Company Café and Back Home Barbecue.

We have combined food forces to bring the best breakfast and lunch to the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Catered Mexican food in Dallas, TX

Each Big Box contains a mini-buffet
that can easily feed up to fifteen with
the food people truly love.

We will give you all the necessary proteins,
vegetables, side dishes, and condiments
that you will need.


  • Hot and hearty breakfasts, assorted fresh tacos, or smoky savory barbecue.
  • Timely delivery with all the necessary dining essentials.
  • Delivered in a handy box which makes cleanup a breeze.

Big Box Catering is great for events,
office meetings, social gatherings,
birthdays, tailgating parties,
or even a relaxing picnic.

meals to fit any occasion: